尊貴的Espace Beauté EB Spa會員及客戶:

多謝你一直對東方美企業有限公司, 佳麗寶化妝品集團旗下品牌Espace Beauté EB Spa的支持。

根據於2013年4月1日生效之《個人資料 (私隱) 條例》的修訂條文,我們已更新有關收集個人資料的安排,請留意以下內容。

貴為我們之尊貴會員/客戶,您同意並容許我們將繼續使用您的個人資料,如通訊地址、電郵地址及/或手提電話號碼作下列之推廣或直接促銷用途:當中包括(但不限於)本集團品牌 (包括Espace Beauté EB Spa) 之產品、服務、活動及優惠推廣。

若您希望停止接收此等資訊或宣傳資料,請將閣下之意願連同您的姓名及聯絡號碼 (會員編號,如有),以電郵或傳真方式通知我們。當我們收到您的申請,我們將會從宣傳名單中剔除您的個人資料。



傳真號碼:(852)2117 1478


Update on Personal Data Collection Statement

Dear Valued Espace Beauté EB Spa Member/Customer,

Thank you for your continuous support to Espace Beauté EB Spa, which belongs to Tung Fang Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd., Kanebo Cosmetic Group.

Pursuant to the amendments towards the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance which took effect on April 1, 2013, we have updated our arrangements on personal data collection, please pay attention to the following:

As our valued member / customer, you agree and allow us to continue making use of your personal data / information, such as your postal address, email address and/or mobile phone number for the following promotional and direct marketing purposes: including (but not limited to) the products, services, activities and promotional information of our company's brands (including Espace Beauté EB Spa).

If you wish to stop receiving this kind of information or opt out from receiving direct marketing materials, please inform us in writing by email or by fax, identifying yourself with your name and contact number (and member number if available). We will arrange to have your personal information being excluded from our promotional list upon receipt of your notification.

Nothing herein shall limit your rights under the Ordinance.

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Fax number:(852)2117 1478

Tung Fang Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd.,Kanebo Cosmetic Group